An overview of your CRM, NC, UC, after-sales service and spare parts activities!

With DataCar B.I, you no longer need IT and statistics specialists to analyse your data.

DataCar B.I. is a business intelligence software program designed specifically for car dealerships. It provides you with a clear overview of your different business activities. You can create your own customised dashboards and arrange your screens according to your preferences.

Business intelligence business indicators

Business indicators

DataCar B.I: A business intelligence solution for car dealerships, offering you performance indicators selected by business experts. These indicators will highlight causal relationships, enabling you to take action quickly.

  • Automatic detection of relationships between different indicators
  • Automatic monitoring of elements with a negative effect on your performance levels
  • Identification of indicators that require your attention
Product features
A unified view

You benefit from a coherent overview

DataCar B.I.: Business intelligence software for car dealerships, offering you an overview of your performance and results in order to make the right decisions at the right time.

  • A comprehensive overview of all of your companies and sites
  • A detailed analysis per entity and/or per business area
  • Automatic collection and processing of your data (integration with your DMS and CRM systems)
  • Automatic classification of your data
Product features
Your results analyzed with DataCar BI

Your results are analysed

Through powerful algorithms (data mining), your results are presented and compared from various angles so that each manager can obtain a dashboard corresponding to his or her business activity, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Analysis of your results from various angles:

  • Performance: have my results improved?
  • Objectives: have the objectives set been achieved?(alerts in the event of discrepancies)
  • Scoring: what score has been given to each of my indicators?

Comparison of your results from various angles:

  • Entity: group / company / site
  • Field of activity: CRM / NC / UC / Workshop / Warehouse
  • Timescale: day / month / aggregation over a month / quarter / year / aggregation over a year
Product features
Forecast for the future

Forecast for the future

DataCar B.I., a business intelligence solution for car dealerships, enables you to identify trends and anticipate discrepancies in order to maintain a high level of performance.

  • The scoring system takes into consideration the evolution of an indicator over time
  • Calculation of three-month forecasts
Product features
A solution accessible via a secure link, using a web browser on any type of device (PC, Mac, laptop, tablet and smartphone – iOS and Android).
Performance indicators selected by business specialists in order to highlight causal relationships, enabling you to take action quickly.
You will be alerted of all discrepancies with respect to your indicators, at company, site and activity level. Nothing will go unnoticed and the decision-making process will be made easier.
Zero effort
DataCar B.I organises the automatic collection of your DMS and CRM data. It is a turnkey solution requiring zero effort from you or your staff.
DataCar B.I automatically suggests objectives based on your past results. You can modify the automatic objectives. The alert system will notify you in the event of discrepancies.
A graphical interface that is exceptionally easy to use. Finally, a decision support tool with an interface that is accessible to decision-makers, not just to IT specialists.

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